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Bigelow Woodcraft

For those who like working with wood- carving, building, creating, milling.

What we Offer

Woodworking design, woodcrafts, & milling



Milling of logs up to 27″ in diameter for reasonable prices or halves. Sharpen and set teeth if you have your own bandsaw mill.


Carving, building creating- concepting and design of all sorts of woodworking projects.


Kayaks, paddle boards, koozies, coolers, cutting boards, signs, furniture, and more!

Our Values: Doing quality work for a fair price, being on time, honest, loyal, and getting the job done right.

Clients Love Us

“I bought some of your wooden koozies for gifts for friends. The craftsmanship was remarkable. The unique gifts were “one of a kind” and truly a piece of art. I will be buying more! I also bought a personalized cooler for a friend. The detail was amazing and it kept his beer cold all day long. It served as quite the conversation piece when he’d take it to the beach; it was better than bringing a cute puppy to the beach!”

-Jodi W.

“I first purchased the Koozie cups for my immediate family. We absolutely love how each Koozie, has its own design and style. No matter who we gave one to they were in awe. They still talk about it when we are at gatherings, they are still using their favorite Koozie!”

-Tina V.



“I am so in love with my new butcher block countertop. I have wanted one for our island for so long, a nice surface for cooking and baking, and Jerry made my dream come true. It is so beautiful, no one is allowed to chop on it. It gets a weekly treatment of food grade oil that has helped to richen and enhance the amazing wood grain! I feel the love that went into making this piece for us and am proud and grateful that I can enjoy Jerry’s craftsmanship every day!”

-Michael H.



For over 40 years I’ve been a woodworker, so I know how to craft things the old school way, but I’ve also embraced modern technology in the process of creating projects. I was a former mechanical engineer who went on to run a marital arts business for 25 years and now I’m embracing woodworking in a full-time capacity.

I got into milling to help offset the cost of lumber for myself and realized that many are also in need of an alternative to buying big box store lumber. I won’t budge from my values that helped make my previous business successful: being honest, loyal, on time, and fair. When not working hard during the day, you’ll find me fully enjoying life with friends and family.

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